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The Skylark bird is found throughout literature-always representing freedom, inspiration, hope and joy-and is renowned for its beautiful song during flight. It’s this vision of the Skylark that inspires us to develop creative senior care programs empowering families and their loved ones to experience the Skylark’s freedom, hope, and joy.



At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person. Just as the Skylark bird is unique in its song-flight, each senior has unique needs therefore we work one-on-one with each senior and their family to create a joyful experience, in our centers, in the community and at home.

We care for amazing individuals. They have been teachers, business people, firemen, Veterans, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. They are loved. In their lifetime, our seniors have experienced some of the most influential events that shape our world today. Their stories inspire us to help them hold on to their memories and lead a full life.

The aging process affects each person’s heart, bones, joints, muscles and memory differently, so when you call, we want to know what inspires, what brings joy and what creates freedom-in addition to challenges-to develop a personalized care program that focuses on treatment and activities in the center and at home to promote healthy aging and joy.

We promise to deliver creative senior care programs that inspire freedom, hope and joy.




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