Skylark Announces: September Reopening and Club Skylark

Friends of Skylark:

The Skylark Centers reopen the first week of September.
We are well aware of the current situation regarding COVID-19 in Georgia and across the country. We’ve been looking closely at the local epidemiology reports, and we the trends are moving in our favor (see chart and below). Many of our current and prospective Members have expressed an interest in coming back to the centers.
The center experience will look a bit different when we return with masks and social distancing protocols. Our plan is to start small and grow over time. This will make it easier to maintain social distancing in our large centers.
We will aim for fun and safety at the same time. In our conversations with families, we have learned that many Members have experienced declines in their physical and cognitive health since the start of the public health emergency. There is a need and desire for the centers to return.

Club Skylark

With this letter, we announce Club Skylark. This will include virtual communication with our program coordinators and nurses as well as new initiatives in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association of Georgia. We will start on Thursday July 30, 2020 at 10 am. We will send out separate email invite to our families with the credential information for the session.

Good News

When I look at the news, I’m bombarded by the negative news regarding COVID-19. The number of new cases in the United States are really large numbers. Hospitalizations are also up. I have a hard time finding good news in the sea of negative.
Yet, there is good news. Vaccine work is progressing. We have found new and existing medical therapeutics that are effective against COVID-19. More and more companies such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy, McDonalds, Waffle House and many others have begun requiring face covering usage for entrance. This is all great news in the continuing battle with COVID-19.
I also find myself looking for the new Fulton County Epidemiology Report. Most counties in Georgia release this report, but Fulton County’s is more easily understood than many. I am more immediately hopeful as current trends continue. Let me share with you an impactful graph from a recent report:
Take a look at the chart above. It was published on August 3, 2020. The surge peaked in early July, stabilized, and is now declining. This graph shows that the number of new infections continues to increase but at a slower rate. Fulton County topped out with close to 500 new cases per day in early July. We are now seeing less than 300 cases per day, with the 7-day trend dropping . (note: the data at the end of the graph is preliminary. The data in the last 14 days of the graph can and does change up and down.)
This trend is consistent with the other Metro-Atlanta counties and shows up in the state of Georgia numbers as well. Assuming this trend continues, total current cases and hospitalizations should decrease sharply over the next several weeks.
Looking forward, it is likely that the COVID-19 situation will be dramatically different in early to mid-September.

Home Care

Our home care services are an increasingly used option for families as our centers begin the resumption of normal operations. This is an especially useful service for Members who will not be able to return immediately.
We’re excited about how our home care has grown and the options it will provide new and existing members. We think it will help us become even better at achieving our mission: Inspiring Freedom, Hope, and Joy in our Elders and Those Who Love Them.
If you’re interested please contact Fran Weigard on her cell 404-617-5851, by email at, or the main number 404-410-1510.


As we have talked with our members and families, safety is top of mind. We want to keep our members healthy, safe, and strong. COVID-19 is a difficult challenge. Please know we have been working steadily on this. We have learned more about how to meet these challenging times by considering recommendations from the CDC, the Georgia Department of Health, Governor Kemp’s executive orders, our attorney, and our insurance companies. There’s a lot of information and almost none of it directly discusses adult day. While we will continue to improve our efforts, let me share some current thoughts:
  • Testing: We will ask Members to test prior to returning to the center. Both CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health emphasize using a symptom- and time-based strategies for return after sickness and in a return to work. CDC has identified several issues with relying too much on negative test results for return to work situations.
  • Screen all Members and Associates: This will include taking temperatures and asking questions about symptoms daily. Those not meeting the standards of the screening will need to stay home. We will recommend that the individual see their physician to determine next steps. We know that a fever may indicate COVID-19 or a sinus infection or something else. We will follow the physician’s directions for the resumption of service to include possible self-quarantine.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: All Members and Associates will wear masks at the center. Our Associates will wear a mask in the home. Different levels of PPE will be required depending on care provided and the proximity of the Member and Associate.
  • Social Distancing: We expect to run our programs while respecting social distancing needs. We will manage our daily programs differently to allow for distancing.
  • Sanitizing/Disinfecting: Before closing we began sanitizing the centers on a regular basis. We are considering a range options to improve our infection control policies. We are confident that we can keep the centers safe for our members.
  • Visitors: Visiting will be severely limited beyond the front reception areas.
The Associates of Skylark look forward to welcoming you back to the center.
Ned Morgens, CEO
Skylark Senior Care

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