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West Midtown

Elderly & Adult Day Care Center

The Skylark Senior Care day center is where we welcome our seniors who are ready for another day of freedom and joy with engaging activities, delicious food and excellent healthcare support.


Inspiring Freedom, Hope and Joy

We care for amazing individuals. They have been teachers, business people, firemen, Veterans, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. They are loved. In their lifetime, our seniors have experienced some of the most influential events that shape our world today. Their stories inspire us. Therefore, our individualized care plans aim to inspire freedom, hope and joy in the lives of those we care for.

In each center, and available in your home, are registered and licensed nurses to provide educational programs, manage day-to-day health needs, and attend to emergencies; social workers to provide family support and assist with plans of care; activities professionals to conduct personalized activity programs; nursing assistants to assist with personal care and dietary consultants to assist with meal plans and special diets.

There is joy, and the center is alive with activity. Seniors are exercising, creating art and dancing. They are solving puzzles and playing sports. Laughter fills the halls. Breakfast and lunch are social events with new friends and the occasional live band.

There is freedom as we explore West Midtown with picnics, bowling, and trips to local landmarks. For our friends with physical challenges, our specially-trained staff stand ready to assist those who do. Our wheelchair-equipped buses enable all to explore easily and with dignity.

There is hope. Our families come to appreciate and rely on the expertise of our nursing staff, both in the center and at home. We take care of the many details involved with caring for a senior by offering transportation, and beauty, bathing, and therapy services.


As part of our mission to create innovative care programs that improve the lives of seniors and those who care for them, we offer transportation to and from the center, as well as off-site appointments.

Our wheelchair-accessible vans are an ideal solution for daily travel, or in an emergency.




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