Are you worried about your elderly parents? Then something like this has probably crossed your mind more than once in the past few weeks: “what’s in store for my mother/father’s future?”

You’ve no doubt thought about putting your loved one in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home – for their own sake, of course. However, the truth is in home care can sometimes have better results.

Why? Read on to find out about five ways your parents can benefit from home care.

1. In Home Care Speeds Up Recuperation

Be honest: You wouldn’t like to be sitting in a hospital bed right now. Just think of how daunting it is for your parents or grandparents.

Continuous medical procedures can leave them feeling exhausted and looking for company to pass the time.

Unfortunately, they won’t really find this in the hospital – other than nurses and patients, of course. But they’re not a particularly lively crowd.

Allow them the luxury of in-home care. Studies have shown  healing is much faster at home rather than in a hospital environment.

2. The Whole Family Saves Money

We know you would give anything to see your parents live their days in peace. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds for such ventures.

Well, we’ve got good news for you. In a study conducted by Purdue University, it was found that in-home care costs a third less than what specialized nursing homes would cost.

For families with a budget for their parent’s care, this is great news.

3. There Is No Loss of Independence for the Elderly

Did you know seniors value their independence more than their own lives? This study proves it:

  • 26% of seniors said losing their independence is their greatest fear.
  • Only 3% of them have said death is their biggest fear.

And it makes sense if you think about it. They are probably tired of regular schedules. After all, they’ve dealt with an entire life of hard work. Anyone would be really.

Losing freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, can be hard to give up. Skylark Home Care understands this concern, and we aim to inspire freedom with our home care services.

4. Familiar Environment = No Stress

As you have seen, the elderly value independence above all else. The good news is, home care keeps your seniors “in charge” for longer.

Similarly, you no longer have all the stress factors involved with moving to a nursing home:

  • Meeting new people all the time, in an unfamiliar environment
  • Leaving the home you’ve spent your years in
  • Financial worries
  • Fear of becoming bored amongst strangers

Many other worrying elements are negated. Your loved one(s) can enjoy the rest of their days without a looming threat over their shoulder.

5. You Keep Your Family Together

Leaving a parent in a nursing facility can have you harboring feelings of guilt – not to mention the sense of abandonment the senior feels.

You also have to keep in mind nursing homes usually have visiting hours. They only enhance the sense your visits are “intruding”, even though this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It can put a strain on family relationships. Why not avoid all of the fuss and quarrels?

Skylark Senior Care offers your parent the chance to get personalized care – with no loss of freedom. Whether they’re recuperating from a hospital visit or you just want a short break from caregiving, we’re here to help.

Give us a call today at (404) 410-1510. Or, you can contact us through this form.

At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.

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