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Mind & Spirit


Empowering Thriving Minds Through Cognitive Fitness

BrainBloom is about empowering minds using evidence-based programming to strengthen the minds of all our Members. It’s a structured program personalized to the needs and desires of our Members.

It ranges from new friends engaging throughout the day to daily exercise to cognitive games to music and religious programming.

It’s based on the foundation of our excellent nursing health care and planned diets.

Brain Bloom

Empowering Minds with BrainBloom:



BrainBloom is about Social Engagement. Members meet new friends and build relationships.



BrainBloom is about building the Mind. Members learn new skills and ideas. We’re practicing life-long memory skills. A given day might involve engaging long-term memory, analytical, or critical thinking abilities.



BrainBloom includes daily exercise. We’re dancing and moving, looking to build strength and stamina.



BrainBloom builds joy as we engage the spirit. For some this is about faith engagement for others it’s found in music and the arts.

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Their stories inspire us



Very Professional

The day I arrived to enroll my family member, I was greeted by the Director, administrative staff , and the nursing staff. The process was very professional, need catering and informative. I am so pleased with the service my family is receiving. I cant say enough great things about this organization. It takes a lot to entrust strangers with your love ones and the staff at Skylark has far exceeded my expectations.I would strongly recommend Skylark to anyone..”

Kevin M.



Loves The Activities

Initially my mother(83) was very negative about going. After the first week she met some lovely ladies and now insists on going 4 times a week. She loves all the activities and particularly the outings. Just being with other people keeps her brain very active. She loves having her nails done and loves when the visiting make-up consultants visit. They have a nurse present all day and I love the fact that they have a bus service as well..”

Therese B.



Peace Of Mind

Mom started going to Skylark at Johns Creek in early July. The staff are absolutely wonderful. When they learned she was a Master Garden and that gardening is still her passion, they even helped her set up a little patio garden that she tends to during the week. The staff is always ready to help, and full of great information to help me navigate the world of eldercare. Mom stays busy and active. She's much more engaged now than she was before when she spent most of her days just watching TV. I know she's safe, well-fed, and well-cared for while I'm away at work. You can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind..”

M.W. M.



Came To Our Rescue

“I can not say enough positive remarks about how Skylark came to our rescue at home over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays arranging for their Care Givers to come to our house to care for my husband. My husband has serious dementia and over night he could no longer walk. Both of us are 72 and I couldn’t even help him stand up anymore. This was a last minute call from me to Skylark, having heard such good things about the program. I think it was a miracle that they found excellent caregivers by the end of the day. I am very thankful for Skylark and am happy to talk with anyone looking for home care.”

Linda S.



Very Attentive To Our Needs

My son loves Skylark and so do I. They are very attentive to our needs. The staff is always nice and the drivers are on time, they always call when they are running very late and I appreciate that. It helps to know where my family member is.
Thanks for being here in our community

Barbara L.



A Blessing For My Family

“Skylark at Johns Creek has been a blessing for me and my family. One never know when a disability will strike a loved one. When it does you're overwhelmed and stressed with care decisions. Since my husband's acceptance and care at the facility - I am at ease at work, because I know he's being fed and cared far in all ways. All staff members are wonderful, caring and professionals. The Nursing staff check his weight, temperature, BP, etc. when it's time for his regular check-up and provides me with his results and any recommendations for improvements if needed.”

Nancine P.



Highly Recommended

Skylark provided in-home care for my 99 year old mother following her hospitalization and rehabilitation. The care was comforting for my mother and a comfort to me as well. My goals for mom were met; she was safe, supervised, engaged in light exercise.

Betsy W.




Knowledgeable Staff. Excellent customer service. They obviously care about their patients..”

Jeanie C.



Very Friendly

We have been going to Skylar Adult Center for a few months now, everyone is very friendly and helpful. I feel very comfortable leaving my mom in their care. The staff are there to answer the questions I have as a new caregiver.”

Juanita C.

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Very Personable

“They are very personable and have gone above and beyond to help me. They help my mom and also me. They focus on the family. They are always present and interacting. They provide activities and games to help cognitive function. They are always there for me. I can always rely on them. They provide great interaction. I work with Ariel and I am comfortable enough to text her. They make it comfortable to communicate with them. They help me with anything I need. They know my mom enough to know what she likes. They are always positive and upbeat.”

Holly A.

HomeCare Pulse


On Top of Everything I Need

“It was very convenient at the beginning and they had a good reputation. Their people are fantastic. They are sharp, genuine, and have not let me down. They've been able to accommodate last minute requests and they seem to care about me and my mother. When my mother comes home, she is a different person because she has been stimulated and engaged. She cooked and cleaned for my mother. She engaged my mother as well. They helped me set up my crazy schedule with them. She is very engaging and is self-sufficient. She knows what to do without being told and has developed a good rapport with my mother. They are on top of everything I need. "

Ryan O.

HomeCare Pulse



“My husband moved into a healthcare center. The people they sent were kind. They cared about me and my needs as well as my husband's. He couldn't walk anymore, so they knew how to lift him out of bed and assist him to the toilet. They communicated daily to make sure everything was going well. They were professional and my husband liked them. They were wonderful and were well matched. They were outstanding. They would check with me to make sure everything was going perfectly. If I needed more help, they got it, even over the New Year's holiday.”

Linda S.

HomeCare Pulse


Super Nice and Helpful

“They're easy to talk to. They went out of their way to help us find someone to bring my mom to chemotherapy appointments. It was all new for me. I was having to bring my mom to appointments, and it was crazy. A caregiver takes my mom to appointments. She comes once a week, picks her up from assisted living, and takes her to the hospital. They're super nice and helpful. Whatever you need, they help you. It's worked out well so far. I'm not there but my mom says she's nice and patient.”

Madeline B.

HomeCare Pulse


Help Being a Companion

“They stay in touch. They have a good system of control over the people that come to our home. They help with being a companion. They help her to do the chores she needs to do. They help her bathe and do her workouts. They fix her breakfast and do things like that. They do whatever they need to so they can match our schedule. They are perfect for each other. They talk about flowers and plants. They also do hand workouts and therapy stuff together."

Kelly C.

HomeCare Pulse


Makes Me Feel At Ease

“We had checked it out online and read the reviews. We live in Johns Creek and are about 9 1/2 miles from them. I like the staff because they are very welcoming. They answer my questions and make me feel at ease. They are always willing to talk with me, answer my questions, and to accommodate whatever we ask. I have peace of mind. They have been able to develop of level of trust which impacts my ability to focus and function for the rest of the day. I know that there are times when they have been understaffed. They take her to the bathroom. I know that one thing that is critical is hydrating her throughout the day. I know that has been a challenge for us getting the staff to give her enough fluids during the day. ”

HomeCare Pulse


Consistent and Timely

“They've been very good to me. I needed the help and support and it was a good fit for my situation. The caregiver pays a lot of attention to him. The caregiver that I have coming has been exceptional. She's consistent, timely, takes precautions. They've always followed up with me even through the pandemic, even when they were closed. They are always consistently checking in on us. I've got one regular person, and she has been great. I appreciate that she keeps my husband busy. She does physical therapy exercises with him. I know they are always available for me and keeping him safe.”

Lisa L.

HomeCare Pulse


Good Communication and Trusting

“I had them before last year when my mom went to assisted living. There is good communication. I trust them. They help my mother to be distracted. They give us a break. It is important for her to interact with other people. Since they have Spanish speakers it is a plus. They try to help my mother. She has a problem with her face mask. She has a problem with cognitive skills. They are patient with her and try to find ways for her to calm down if she gets agitated or upset. They also provide activities, care, and meals. They call me or call me back if I call. We try to figure out things. They are sincere, care, have knowledge, are responsible and dependable."

HomeCare Pulse


The Care They Have Given Has Been Excellent

“They were recommended by a friend. I like that they are accessible, and they return phone call and they answer my questions. The care they have given has been excellent. We choose the service because he was a fall risk which stopped us from sleeping and they take care of him at nights. They are reliable, and they are comfortable asking us questions, both of my parents like them. They return phone call and answer questions, and they email and are professional. We have a weekday person and a weekend person who are both wonderful. It has been a very good experience and I can't think of any problems or issues. They take good care of my dad, and we sleep better knowing someone is taking care of him.”

Debi W.

How it Works

STEP by STEP Process

We’ll make joining us an easy and joyful experience. Simply follow these steps to start the process.


Give Us a Call

Or email us, try a web chat, or submit a form inquiry. Finding the right options begins and ends with a personal relationship. A Skylark professional will guide you through the process, help you find a personalized solution for your loved one, and develop a budget for care.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other.

This is a mutual process. You’ll have questions for us, and we’ll have questions for you. We’re going to want to get to know your loved one well. We want to know your care challenges and needs. It’s important that you become confident in us and our expertise.

Customize Services.

It’s time to choose the needed services. Is the Day Center the perfect solution? Perhaps having an aide come to the house on a regular basis will be the answer. Perhaps a combination of both would be better.


We’ll meet with you and your loved one to complete assessments. We’ll develop a care plan that addresses home safety issues, health concerns, interests, and daily needs.

We want to discover your loved one’s interests and personality to ensure a smooth transition when starting Home Care or at the Day Center. The assessments help us identify great strategies for the Home and for the Center.

Complete Enrollment.

Once we develop a plan, our caring professionals will guide you through the enrollment process. As with all health care services, there will be some documents to sign and some information to gather. We’ll determine a start date and ongoing schedules.

Start Services.

The first days are exciting. We’ll confirm first day procedures for arriving at your home or attending the center. We want to make sure the first day is wonderful for you and your loved one.

Ongoing Services

Our mission is to Inspire Freedom, Hope, and Joy in our Seniors and Those Who Love Them. As care partners, we’re here to support you and your loved one. In the ups and downs of caregiving, we’ll be there to help on this journey.

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See us in Action

We approach caregiving a different way.

We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.


What are you doing during COVID-19 Pandemic especially now with Vaccines?

We commit to provide a safe and healthy experience for your loved one. For much of the pandemic, most guidance pointed to isolation of the senior population. Yet, the isolation also brought physical and cognitive decline for many seniors.

At Skylark, we will continue to provide a safe, fun, socially engaging environment for our older adult members.

The new vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson changed our collective experience with COVID-19. Most guidance tells us that is safe for fully vaccinated individuals to be in group settings. We are updating our COVID-19 protocols in response to the effective vaccines and new safety guidance.

We’ve learned a lot about how to be safe throughout the pandemic. As of July 1, 2021, this is what we’ll be doing:

  1. Vaccinations: We have worked hard to get all our Members and Associates vaccinated. We met this goal in May 2021. All new members will need to provide complete COVID-19 vaccination documentation prior to starting at our Skylark centers.
  2. Testing: New members will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test prior to attending the center. We’ll continue regular testing, but over time we’ll spread out the frequency of testing until it is appropriate to discontinue. Our home care members may also utilize our testing services as desired and recommended.
  3. Visitors and Tours: Throughout the pandemic, we have limited visitors to the reception area and center tours to afterhours times. We will continue this policy for now, but expect to relax these requirements over time.
  4. Keeping the Virus Out: For home care and the adult day centers, we work to keep the virus out by checking temperatures, utilizing screening questions, using appropriate PPE, and limiting visitors.
  5. Masks and Social Distancing: Because of our high rate of vaccination, we are relaxing our mask and social distancing requirements. Masks are optional at the choice of the Member unless required by the nurse.
  6. Synexis Bio-Defense System: We have implemented this system in the center. Synexis helps to automate our infection control program and attacks viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air. We will continue to utilize this system after the pandemic as an important component of the infection control program.
What is adult day? What do you for my loved one

Our adult day center is a dynamic environment filled with activities for Seniors.  It’s active and socially engaging.  Our members find fellowship over shared meals.  It’s a structured program for seniors needing a safe place to spend the day.  

It’s led by skilled activities professionals who guide daily programming and by our nursing professionals who attend to health care needs.  All understand the challenges of dementia and personal care and helping with activities of daily living.

Our caregivers find respite during the day and freedom to meet work and other family responsibilities.

How do I know it’s time for adult day? Who is appropriate for Adult Day?

Do any of the following situations sound familiar? 

  • My parents have experienced a significant cognitive and physical decline during the pandemic.
  • My mother has fallen a few times, but still needs to get out of the house safely.
  • Dad’s health or physical problems keep him from enjoying life.
  • Mom’s becoming so isolated. She doesn’t get out much and rarely spends time with her friends.
  • My wife is forgetting things more often.
  • My husband needs extra help to regain abilities he lost because of a stroke.
  • Dad doesn’t seem to be eating right or taking his medications properly.
  • Mom used to be so particular about her appearance. Now she just doesn’t care anymore.
  • My husband spends his days watching TV and napping. Then he doesn’t sleep well at night.
  • We promised we’d always take care of each other, but it’s getting harder and harder.
  • I worry about mother when I’m at work and she is home alone.
  • Caregiving is wearing me out, and I don’t know where to turn for help.

If any of these situations sounds familiar, the Skylark Adult Day Center could be the perfect care solution for you and your family.

What’s special about Skylark? “What do you do to engage my loved one? The company I have now watches my husband watch TV”

Since 2006, we’ve been the Georgian leader in Adult Day.  

Families look for engagement for their loved ones, not just TV.  Engagement is at the core of what we do.  An experience at a Skylark Adult Day Center includes: 

  • Daily exercise
  • Discussion of news and other current events
  • Music and arts programming
  • Excursions to the Botanical Garden, the King Center, parks and many other locations.
  • Fellowship over meals
What are the qualifications of your Associates?

We work hard to build a team of excellent caregivers and associates.  Many are qualified by earned state licenses and certifications; education; or extensive experience.

This begins with the selection process that includes a thorough interview, a negative drug screen, an FBI fingerprint criminal background check, a negative COVID tests and reference checks.

Our associates complete regular training including a thorough orientation, certification in First Aid and CPR, training in Alzheimer’s and other dementia, and an ongoing series of in-service programming.

My loved one has some health care challenges. Can you help?

Many of our members have significant healthcare challenges including mobility challenges, dementia, and diabetes.  Our nursing staff can:

  • Administer medications
  • Assist with personal care needs
  • Monitoring dietary requirements
  • Provide watchful health oversight
  • Train Associates in caregiving excellence

Our associates have extensive experience caring for seniors.  Call us to discuss your individual circumstances.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are licensed by Health Facilities Regulation Division of the Department of Community Health.  

They provide oversite and help with the resolution of complaints.

As you explore options, ask about licensing.  Many adult day programs in personal care homes and assisted living facilities are not.  Generally, this means that their programs are not designed for the day participant but for the residents of the building.

Does insurance pay for this? How do I pay for it?

Most Members pay privately for the Day Center.  Some families join to provide for the care their parents and loved ones need.

Long-Term Care Insurance:  Most long-term care insurance policies will pay for home and adult day services.  

Veterans:  The Veterans Administration covers contracts directly with Skylark to provide adult day services to qualified Veterans. 

Medicaid: Georgia Medicaid waivers cover adult day and other long-term care services for qualified elderly and disabled persons.  

Medicare and other health insurances do not cover the expense of adult day except for a very limited number of Medicare Advantage plans.

Skylark has been navigating these financial options for years.  We can help explore your options.

My loved one is a Veteran. Is it hard to access Veteran benefits for the VA?

It can be difficult to access Veteran benefits through the VA. The VA Aide and Attendance Pension has a complicated and lengthy application process that can range from 3 to 24 months. Many will even work with an attorney to complete this application.

We have found that accessing the benefit for Adult Day Health is relatively easy. It begins with the Veteran registering for health benefits. This is uniform and straight forward process. The Veteran will also need to be evaluated by VA health care personnel.

Our professionals will coach you through the process. It can move quickly. Give us a call. We’ll help walk you through it.

Do you offer memory care?

Brain health is infused in all that we do.  Skylark has developed our innovative Brain Bloom memory care program noted for its emphasis on: 

  • Engage: Social engagement with new and old friends
  • Spirit: We focus on that which brings joy.
  • Mind: We are learning new things and searching for new experiences.  We practice cognitive skills and exercise our cognitive abilities.
  • Move: We exercise every day.  We walk everywhere.  It’s difficult (though not impossible) to stay seated for very long.

Food: Our meals are designed to nourish our minds and our bodies. We routinely accommodate a variety of special dietary needs.

When are you open?

We have special pandemic hours in our adult day centers.  Our current hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4 PM. 

More questions? How do I get started?

Do you have more questions? Our New Member Services Team has worked with hundreds of families to help them find great solutions for their loved ones. Call us at (404) 410-1510 or email us at We look forward to a great conversation.

At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.

Skylark Senior Care® and the Skylark Senior Care® logo is a registered trademark.

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