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The Skylark Experience

At Skylark Senior Care, our seniors meet new friends, engage in exciting activities and participate in the community. Our dedicated nurses promote wellness and health, and our certified caregivers provide respite and support.


Who we Serve

We care for amazing individuals. They have been teachers, business people, firemen, Veterans, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. They are loved. In their lifetime, our seniors have experienced some of the most influential events that shape our world today. Their stories inspire us. Therefore, our individualized care plans aim to inspire freedom, hope and joy in the lives of those we care for.

Families come to us when their loved one:

  • is lonely and has become increasingly isolated
  • has health care needs that requires significant assistance
  • needs assistance with daily activities such as shopping, walking, bathing or cooking
  • has been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or is experiencing other memory loss symptoms
  • has had a stroke
  • struggles with Parkinson’s disease
  • needs help with Diabetes’s management
  • needs help after a stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility

Personalized Care Plans

At Skylark Senior Care, we support the whole person. When you call, we want to know what inspires, what brings joy, and what creates freedom-in addition to challenges. We work with each family and their loved one to create a personalized care program that focuses on treatment and activities in the center and at home.

Our families find caregiving success by using either the Adult Day Center or Home Care, or a combination of both. Letting us help carefully manage caregiving resources, helps us create a plan of care that is often more affordable and personalized than a high-quality assisted living facility.

Dedicated Care Professionals

Our experienced and dedicated staff is rigorously trained and certified for specific physical challenges, caring behavior management techniques and intensive personal care assistance. Our caregivers embody the Skylark Promise, and serve with respect, honesty and a positive attitude.

In each center, and available in your home, are registered and licensed nurses to provide educational programs, manage day-to-day health needs, and attend to emergencies; social workers to provide family support and assist with plans of care; activities professionals to conduct personalized activity programs; nursing assistants to assist with personal care and dietary consultants to assist with meal plans and special diets.

Transportation to and from our centers is available, as well as beauty and bathing services, and physical, occupational and speech therapies.




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