Adult day care for seniors might initially sound like an odd option for caring for your beloved Elder. Indeed, many Adult Day participants don’t really like the name.

But what if you find out day care centers are largely employed as an alternative to caregiving at home? Or as a way of improving social life throughout the elders’ later years.

That said, see what benefits our Elders can enjoy with Adult Day Services:

Day Care for Seniors Creates a Routine

day care for seniors

Retirement or lack of professional activity may take its toll on seniors.

Also known as retirement blues, the state after leaving work affects the majority of former employees. Research indicates there are several negative effects of retirement, the most encountered one being increased stress levels.

Getting your parents enrolled in a day care for seniors program could re-create the routine they were used to.

A daily pattern improves the lives of our seniors in a few significant ways:

  • Safety and security – following a predictable pattern throughout the day makes them feel grounded and gain confidence.
  • Improved sleep – this is a consequence of the balanced lifestyle schedules.
  • Reduced anxiety – knowing they can rely on a steady routine does wonders for those who feel frail.

All in all, the best aspect of setting a daily routine is that the elders will have a sense of their needs being met properly.

And this is exactly what we are striving to do at Skylark Senior Care. We provide both day care and home care since we understand the need to combine them for an optimal arrangement.

We take into account our seniors’ preferences and adjust accordingly.

Providing Independence

Independence is something we are all striving for.

Now imagine gaining the much-desired autonomy and then starting to lose it once you hit your later years.

This is a phenomenon experienced by all seniors to a certain degree.

But the situation can be solved by employing help in the form of assisted professional support at day centers. There, seniors can find an environment equipped to respond to any need.  

For instance, Memory Care is a service designed for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The Skylark staff is trained to face the behavioral challenges of such diseases. Plus, they provide assistance with several kinds of recreational activities which could be instrumental in regaining independence.

Maintaining Cognitive Functions and Quality of Life

Maintaining cognitive skills throughout the senior age is closely linked to an improved quality of life. It gives your aging parents the comfort of being able to contribute to society and family.

Even if seniors’ cognitive abilities are intact, they need to start thinking about preserving them by systematic exercise.

As shown by a Neurology study, there are several aspects which could delay the onset of cognitive loss:

  • being a non-smoker
  • volunteering
  • living with a companion

A day care for seniors offers the proper setting for a prolific cognitive activity.

A Safe Environment for Physical Activity

As stated above, intellectual performance in late life is closely linked to exercise and active lifestyle.

day care for seniors

But how do you make sure your loved ones are getting constant movement?

Even if they do have a dedicated caregiver at home, people are more inclined to stick to a schedule if they are surrounded by fellow elders doing the same.

Getting seniors to experience activity is paramount to a day care for seniors that develops dynamic exercises.

Just what we, at Skylark, enjoy doing – providing a joyful and fulfilling time for those eager to stay active.

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At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.

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