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Activities and Programming

The aging process affects each person’s heart, bones, joints, muscles and memory differently, therefore we design activities holistically around your loved one’s interests and abilities.


Individualized Programs

We create an individualized program of individual and group activities that considers the whole person including social, emotional, spiritual, physical and creative needs.

  • creative – art projects as well as in-center music concerts and performances
  • physical – including range of motion exercises, indoor golf, bowling and a summer golf league
  • technology – such as Wii games and connecting with grandchildren on Facebook
  • ‘For the Guys’ – specific activities and bonding experiences catered to our male participants
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia-specific activities – including our proven, test-brain fitness class, art programs and special relaxation room
  • higher functioning-related activities – for our more able-bodied participants such as the ‘Out to Lunch Bunch’




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