Does a loved Senior in your life seem depressed?  Many seniors are. Many have other mental health challenges such as anxiety and agitation which first become symptomatic in later life.

It’s a sensitive situation that requires special assistance and knowledge. The staff at an adult day care is prepared to deal with these kinds of situations.

They have experience dealing with depressed seniors and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They also know how to recognize the signs of depression early on. 

Is your loved one suffering from poor mental health? Read on to find out what we can do to improve it aside from medication, that is.

If you have concerns about your loved one’s mental health, make sure to visit your physician.   A good geriatric pyschiatrist or other mental health professionals can provide tremendous help to your loved senior.

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Use Coloring to Improve Focus

Have you ever noticed how focused young children look when they’re coloring? That’s because they truly are.

Experts at Johns Hopkins University have discovered that coloring has the same benefits as meditation.

The act itself helps focus your attention on the present. Depressing or stressful thoughts are kept at bay. Thus, it has significant benefits that really make a difference for your loved one.

Besides, those who use coloring as a coping tactic have reported improved mindfulness. This will decrease the chances of your senior feeling confused about their environment.

It’s especially true if colored pencils are used instead of crayons. That way, you train the brain to use precision.

Better Nutrition

If you’re traveling a lot or lead a busy lifestyle, you don’t really have time to plan a healthy diet for your loved one.

This is an issue that deserves your attention. Diet could be one of the keys to combating mental disorders. A healthy body is better prepared to deal with an unhealthy mind.

Plus, eating at regular times forms a habit. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other similar conditions cause confusion in the affected.

To people who tend to be confused a large part of the time, habits may be their lifeline to reality.

In any case, your senior will need to balance the nutrients in their diet. An adult day care ensures they get their essential proteins, carbs, fats, and vitamins.

At an Adult Day Care, Seniors Connect with Others in Their Situation

Those suffering from mental illness often find themselves not having anyone to share the burden with.

If your loved one feels depressed, it’s also because no one seems to be able to understand what they are going through.

By being in a place with others who feel the same, they can create new friendships. It will help reduce their feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Recognizing you have a problem is one of the first steps towards healing. By openly discussing their difficulties at an adult day care, seniors can start their road to recovery.

Besides, those who have previously attended support groups will be able to give out advice about symptom management.

If you believe your parent is suffering from depression or other mental illnesses, contact us immediately. Perhaps our Day Center can be of help.  We can also help you find other community resources to help improve the situation.  There are measures you can take to improve their situation.

The sooner they get the help they need, the better.

At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.

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