Introducing BrainBloom Early-Stage Dementia Club

Skylark announces the introduction of its BrainBloom Early-Stage Dementia Club. We’re empowering minds in the supportive environment of our adult day centers.

The BrainBloom Early Stage Dementia Club is the first of its kind in Georgia. Based in the Skylark Adult Day Centers in Johns Creek and Cobb, the Club serves individuals living in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

As a result, these Skylark members have the opportunity to participate in experiences designed to help with cognitive challenges. They make new friends and learn new skills while engaging in stimulating experiences and participating in outings to local parks and attractions like the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Consequently, we expect Club Members to maintain high mental ability levels given the inherent challenges of living with dementia.

Our compassionate team of memory care experts employs the latest dementia and Alzheimer’s research to promote unique cognitive fitness opportunities in a safe, welcoming environment. Therefore, our Members’ lives are improved at home with their families.

The BrainBloom Early Stage Experience

Building on the Skylark Mission statement, “Inspiring Freedom, Hope, and Joy in our Seniors and Those Who Love Them,” the BrainBloom Early-Stage Club focuses on experiences in four areas:

  • Engage: Members social engage with new friends in a relaxed, but structured environment. Families can expect their loved ones to build relationship while participating in a discussion group, playing games, enjoying the arts, or relaxed conversation.
  • Move: Club members engage in daily exercises classes. Highlights include classes in yoga led by experts in dementia care and walks around the center and in local parks.
  • Mind: Skylark seeks opportunities for cognitive fitness. Members learn about new ideas and have new experiences. Our discussion groups look back to recent history and lifelong history while exploring more recent current events. Minds are moving and stretching: all based on the latest research.
  • Spirit: Our efforts are designed to promote joyful experiences that lift the spirit. It’s fun and impactful.

Finally, Club Members receive warm welcomes, tasty meals and snacks, and joyful engagement with friends and activities.

Next Steps

Give Skylark a call or email us at to learn more about the BrainBloom Early-Stage Dementia Club.

At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.

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