Not all seniors will appreciate being sent to elderly day care. It’s a fact everyone needs to come to terms with eventually. The comfort of their own home always beats anything a facility has to offer.

Unless they can no longer look after themselves. Unfortunately, there comes a time in everyone’s life when self-care is not possible without great struggle. A struggle which might put their life at risk.

Good News.  Most seniors needing adult day care will adjust to the new routine quickly and come to enjoy the support and the new friends.

To find out if your loved one is in need of adult day care services read on.

1. Increasing Healthcare Needs

Not all health problems necessarily require elderly day care services. After all, there are veterans well into their 80s who can handle themselves better than some 20-year-olds.

But it might be a bad sign if your parent sees slow recoveries from non-critical illnesses (such as colds). If a minor cold can affect them that much, imagine a what more severe condition can do.

elderly day care

Dementia and congestive heart failure are two problems which tends to progressively become worse. Even something such as clinical depression can require the help of a caregiver.

Many seniors take a host of pills each day or have other monitoring needs that require the watchful oversite of a licensed nurse.

2. Drastic Changes in Appearance

This sign almost always shows up alongside the previous one. If your parent has been significantly losing or gaining weight, you need to check their behavior.

For one, patients with dementia or similar conditions may forget to eat properly. Not to mention doing other necessary activities, such as:

  • Dressing in clean clothes
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Taking proper medication

Have you noticed your loved ones are neglecting these activities? Elderly day care may be necessary to deal with the problem.

3. No More Social Activities? Find Friends in Elderly Day Care

Let’s say your elderly parents don’t have trouble dealing with the day-to-day aspects of living. This is just fine, but what about human interaction?

Does your mother or father fail to get out of the house often? Have they stopped talking with friends on the telephone? Do they seem distant and are often muttering to themselves? Those might be symptoms of depression or dementia.

Lack of group activities could also lead to heart problems further down the line.

Fortunately, they can find pleasant companionship in adult day care – not to mention all kinds of fun (and healthy!) activities.

4. They Neglect Payments and Bills

You’ve noticed that the bills are not getting paid.  Or perhaps the the dishes are not as clean as they need to be after cleaning. It doesn’t seem like a healthcare issue, but the challenges are probably tied to healthcare decline.

Are memory problems starting to affect your loved one? They may end up losing track of payments and overdrawn balances. 

Overdue payments can spell trouble for anyone – especially for the elderly.  Seniors who have challenges with daily tasks are also open to falling victim to scams or other threats.

5. You Can’t Keep Up with Their Caregiving Needs

This is probably the best indicator. And no, it’s not a matter of selfishness at all.

Are you or your entire family feeling exhausted trying to take care of your loved ones? Or is the juggle of multiple responsibilities such as taking care of kids and parents becoming too cumbersome? Then it’s time to consider the fact “do-it-yourself-at-home” care is becoming sub-par.

After all, you can’t take care of someone to the best of your abilities if you’re tired can you?

If you are starting to feel the strain of caregiving, or have noticed the tell-tale signs we’ve talked about, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Give us a call at (404) 410-1510 or send us a message through this form. Our friendly staff will be happy to help out with more information.

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