It’s no secret Medicare Advantage plans provide crucial healthcare benefits to Medicare members. But, did you know there are three plans offering additional services to the most vulnerable seniors and disabled?

In 2006, Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans (SNPs) became available to qualifying Medicare beneficiaries. Today, more than 2.4 million Americans receive SNPs tailored to their specific healthcare challenges.

By exploring the SNPs you could qualify for, you will be allowed to make an informed decision on your Medicare benefits.

Benefiting from Medicare Advantage Plans: The Three Types of Special Needs Plans

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans provide additional covered services and other benefits. While SNPs are similar to Medicare Advantage plans, SNPs offer coverage that is specifically tailored to you or your loved one’s needs.

The three types of special need plans are:

  • Chronic-Condition Special Need Plan (C-SNP): This Medicare Advantage Plan serves seniors with disabling or severe chronic conditions. These conditions include dementia, diabetes mellitus, end-stage liver disease, and more.
  • Dual Eligible Special Need Plan (D-SNP): This SNP is available to beneficiaries who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits.
  • Institutional Special Needs Plan (I-SNP): This Medicare Advantage Plan is only provided to seniors and disabled persons who require nursing care at home or live within an institution, such as a nursing home.

Enrolling for a Medicare Advantage Special Needs plan is easy. To apply for benefits, you must already be enrolled in Original Medicare (both Part A and Part B), and you must select an SNP that is available in your area.

The Top 3 Benefits Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans

Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan provides several key benefits.

Here are the top three benefits that you can receive with Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan.

1. More Coverage

Special Needs Plans provide additional covered medical services and prescription drugs. The covered services you receive are dependent on the SNP you qualify for. SNPs tailor other services to the most vulnerable Medicare beneficiaries based upon their conditions.

Vulnerable Medicare individuals that qualify for a Special Needs Plan can often receive more coverage without having to pay more for their insurance.

Those who qualify for SNPs will generally pay the same basic costs of having a Medicare Advantage plan. However, those that currently benefit from both Medicare and Medicaid will continue to receive reduced or eliminated costs.

2. Improved Health Outcomes

The more coverage benefits that you have through your Medicare Advantage plan, the better your health outcome may be. Having access to quality healthcare is crucial in staying healthy, fighting illness, and avoiding hospital stays.

According to a study performed by Health Affairs, SNP enrollees with diabetes were found to have 9 percent lower hospital admission rates as well as 19 percent fewer hospital days. The study also found those enrolled had lower readmission rates.

3. Simple Enrollment Processes

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans have simple enrollment processes. This allows Medicare beneficiaries to receive SNP benefits without a hassle. To enroll, an SNP must be available in your area, and you must meet eligibility requirements for the SNP.

Take Charge of Your and Your Loved Ones’ Health with the Right Medicare Plan

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans provide incredible benefits to seniors and disabled persons who qualify.

Speak with your Medicare provider to learn more about whether or not SNP is right for you. As always, you can contact Skylark Senior Care to find out more about Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans.

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