Skylark Associate Receiving COVID Vaccine

We are excited to announce at the end of March 2021, all Skylark Associates have been vaccinated as have 95% of our Members. We have hosted multiple vaccine clinics, and our families have been jumping through lots of hoops to find, schedule, and obtain vaccinations for their loved one. Many great thanks to our Associates who have made this happen. It’s required a lot of extra hours working with families and coordinating with health health. Many thanks especially to Forsyth and Cobb/Douglas Health Departments.

The news has also been exciting to see. In Georgia, all over 16 are eligible for vaccinations. Pfizer has announced that their vaccine is 100% effective against COVID-19 for those between the ages of 12-16. The absolute number of vaccines in Georgia continues to increase dramatically. Hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID-19 remain dramatically lower than in 2020.

What’s Next?

We’re learning more about what we can do. We’ll continue to monitor CDC guidance. The high vaccination rate in our centers gives us opportunities to change up our programming and appropriately adjust some of our mitigation strategies. We’ll be monitoring how guidance from the CDC and the State of Georgia changes with increased vaccination rates. We’re getting excited about getting back to normal operations.

Welcome Back Skylark Members:

More and more members who have been on-hold since the beginning of the pandemic have received the full round of vaccinations. We’ve enjoyed welcoming them back to the Center since we haven’t seen them in close to a year.

If your loved one has completed their vaccination, give us a call so to resume services.

Covid-19 Vaccination Resources

We know that everyone will not be able to join us for the vaccination clinic. There are now lots of options for receiving the vaccine.
Skylark recommends that you seek out the vaccine in other venues such as large pharmacies, mass vaccination sites, and county boards of health. Here are the best resources that we’ve found:

  1. Check out the Georgia Department of Community Health web site with listings of participating pharmacies and a scheduling tool for county Boards of Health.
  2. Pre-register at the MyVaccine Georgia web site. You can receive email updates even if not currently eligible.
  3. Contact your Area Agency on Aging for assistance.

It’s worth driving to a mass vaccination clinic even if you have to drive a bit. It’s a massive effort, but you don’t even have to leave your car.

Let us know if you’re still having trouble finding a site or having significant trouble getting your loved one to a site.

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