Adult Day Care Services Keeping Veterans Independent

Veterans are people of service. They’re used to not only taking care of themselves, but of taking care of others as well.

It makes sense, then, as they get older they’re not too keen on the idea of giving up their independence.

Thankfully, adult day care services exist.

These programs can be beneficial to veterans – and indeed, to all seniors – for a number of reasons.

The Benefits of Adult Day Care Services

Adult day care services can be beneficial to a senior veteran’s physical, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing.

Here’s why:

1. Adult Day Services Can Help Seniors Avoid Injury

Day care for seniors can protect their physical health.

If a senior has mobility issues or is recovering from an injury, they’re at risk of injury if left on their own during the day.

Their spouse or adult children might not be able to be at home during the day due to employment responsibilities.

By going to an adult day care center, they will have trained professionals around to help them when they need to move around. Having extra support can be a key in injury prevention.

2. The Socialization Experienced at an Adult Day Care Center Is Vital

After retirement, some seniors find themselves at home alone with no one to talk to.

This is lonely for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for veterans who crave the camaraderie they experienced during their military days.

Veterans enjoy being with veterans. So look for a center that works directly with a local Veterans Administration Medical Center. There will likely be several other veterans enrolled in the program.

Going to a day care center gives them the opportunity to visit with others. They’ll be able to build relationships with people of all ages, from their fellow seniors to the care staff on hand.

Regular socialization is imperative to a senior’s emotional wellbeing. Without it, they can become lonely and depressed.

Associating with others on a regular basis, though, will give them the human interaction which is essential to a happy life.

3. Day Care for Seniors Helps Keep Veterans Active and Mobile

Day care services aren’t just about socialization. Some programs offer seniors the opportunity to meet with a physical therapist.

Time spent in some form of exercise on a regular basis will keep veterans active, mobile, and more likely to be injury-free.

4. These Services Promote Independence

Adult day care programs allow veterans to stay active and social, while getting the physical support they need. This helps ensure they’re able to continue living independently in the comfort of their own home.

How to Pay for Day Care for Veterans: What Options Do You Have?

While the benefits of going to an adult day care center sound wonderful, many people worry about the cost of these types of programs.

This is a valid concern as most of us have to budget every dollar which comes our way.

Fortunately, veteran seniors have some options when it comes to paying for adult day care services.

First, utilize your VA health benefits. Not every senior veteran is eligible for adult day care. But if you receive your health care through the VA and you have a medical need for it, it’s often a covered benefit. There’s generally not a income requirement for this benefit so it can be helpful for a wide range of Veterans.

One option is private insurance. Many long-term care insurers offer coverage for adult day services. Not all do, though, so it’s best to double check with your insurance provider.

Another option is Medicaid. Adult day care is a covered service in Georgia, but you need to make sure you qualify for coverage.

With each of these options, it can be hard to determine eligibility as well as the restrictions. We have helped hundreds of families navigate the VA, Medicaid, and long-term care process for Adult Day. So, don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions about options.

Also, contact the VA to find out more about your benefits and to see if you’re eligible for another type of assistance called the Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit.

Senior Veterans Can Thrive with the Extra Help Available at an Adult Day Care Center

Veterans have done so much for the citizens of this country. It is our honor to do all we can to help them thrive as they get older.

Adult day care services is a great way to provide senior veterans with a little bit of assistance they might need at this time in their life.

It’s also a wonderful way to ensure they get to socialize with others – something we can all benefit from.

By signing up for adult day services, you can ensure your beloved veteran gets the care and friendships which will keep them happy, healthy, and independent.


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