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When thinking about the future, most of us are likely envisioning a scenario where we work to provide for our kids.

But we forget the future also includes our aging parents who will be among the estimated 20% aging population in the US by the end of 2050. They will be the ones who’ll need adult day care for various conditions.

The good news is there are more and more ways to empower our parents to age with dignity. Technology adoption is one of them.

Wearables Enable Extra Care

Initially encountered within the fitness industry, wearables were the term used to refer to performance tracking and recording gadgets, like the Fitbit.

Now, they have branched out and permeated other fields, such as health-care. Foremost, the seniors and their relatives will look forward to the safety aspect of wearables. For instance, these gadgets will be able to:

  • Monitor non-movement periods and notify in the case of a fall.
  • Set medication reminders.
  • Track sleep patterns.
  • Monitor meal intake.
  • Simulate age-related conditions so that caregivers can be more empathetic towards the problems of the elderly.

These technological advancements can significantly improve adult day care across the country.

Remote Assistance for 24/7 Support

Once seniors become more homebound, it’s difficult for their caregivers to make sure they have access to everything they need.

If you live a few hours away from your parents, chances are you’ll feel guilty for not being able to be by their side 24/7.

App developers and marketers are striving to help both parties with this issue and design apps which:

  • Offer tech support
  • Provide medical expertise
  • Help with shopping or finance management

These apps are convenient for everyone, more so for people whose mobility is decreased.

Also, they will help ease the guilt of not constantly being by your parents’ side.

The Internet Makes Adult Day Care a Care-Free Affair

The above statement is no longer farfetched in 2016. And it’s safe to say it will further improve in the decades to come.

You can already see your parents or grandparents eagerly taking on social media or Skype. For them, keeping the mind alert is vital, so they engage in news stories, commentary, or research on various topics of interest.

To them, social media platforms have an educational value.

Also, they can reconnect with past acquaintances and increase their support system or their circle of friends.

Another significant benefit is linked to the health-related research seniors can conduct online. Plus, more and more will have access to learning opportunities like online courses.

Our aging relatives will take up new hobbies, learn something new, or even run a small enterprise. Also, they could even share their life experience online through blogs and comments.

This means adult day care providers will branch out their range of activities. By designing computer classes and technology-driven activities, they will provide the intellectual challenges aging citizens need to keep a healthy mind.

At Skylark Senior Care, we are very much concerned with this aspect of adult day care – so much so we designed a wide range of activities you can see here.

At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.

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