How to Choose the Best Adult Day Care Center for Someone with Alzheimer’s

It can be difficult to put your loved one in an adult day care center, but Alzheimer’s is a hard to manage illness.

You may be able to take care of your parent most of the time. However, what about the times when you are not there? Sure, your friends or family might help out, but they have their own lives too.

Save yourself and your loved one some trouble and take an interest in adult day care centers. To start out, here are some items you should look for in a care center:

1. A Place to Socialize

As a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s, try to maximize the use of your loved one’s cognitive ability.  A great strategy for doing this is through an socialization and daily activities at an adult day center.

At an adult day care center, your parent will have the proper care they need. They can socialize with other seniors there.

The caregivers will also make sure they are never left alone. This doesn’t mean they will not enjoy freedom and independence, but having a friendly face around helps a great deal.

adult day care center

Look for a place where your parent will be comfortable. Ask them for their opinion as well. After all, they will be the ones living with the decision.  You might need to take their answer with a grain of salt though. Often, the only comfortable place will be home by your side, and any attempt at finding care will be rejected until they get used to the new experience.

The best part is your loved one will return home for the night. This way, you still get to see each other and be a happy family together.

2. Look for Great Memory Care Expertise

In early stages, your parent will need help coping. Certain day cares offer memory care programs. This is what they entail:

  • A resource for questions and concerns surrounding Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.
  • Activities and programming that engage their members in and outside the center and that are designed around their ability levels.
  • Caring staff to help members manage the stress and frustrations that often come with the disease.
  • Easing anxiety and problems resulting from the condition
  • A safe and secure center that allows your loved one to explore and wander in their environment when desired
  • Creating an individual treatment plan for each person, depending on severity

You might not know it, but up to 40% of patients with Alzheimer’s suffer from depression.

Of course, dementia associated with Alzheimer’s also has some of the same symptoms. As such, it can be difficult to know how to deal with them.

A good adult day center will implement many of the strategies for depression that the Alzheimer’s Association suggest. The program brings structure, routine, meaning, and friends.

Often the symptoms of depression come from knowing they will lose precious memories. Slowly forgetting who you were can be the most crushing human experience.

A caring staff engages the members and explores memories of long ago.  The day is filled with joy and community and fun.

3. Offering Services at Home

Some people just prefer the comfort of their home. Maybe it’s the homey atmosphere helping them cope. Or they simply don’t enjoy the company of too many people.

Others may just be too stubborn and want to deal with everything themselves, no matter how much danger they put themselves in.

If your parent is like this, putting them in an adult day care center may not be the best approach. Instead, look for centers who can send caregivers to your home.

They will feel they have control over the situation, but will also enjoy professional help. You no longer have to worry about their well-being.

Do you find yourself in the situations described above? Is your parent also concerned about living in a nursing home? Contact us today and we will help them deal with their anxieties!

3 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Adult Day Care Center for Someone with Alzheimer’s”

  1. Finding a place to socialize is a good thing to have because you then will guarantee that someone will be able to talk to your family member. Being kept up in isolation wouldn’t be good for anyone that has adult day care. It wouldn’t help with anything really.

  2. When it comes to memory care, I think it is extremely crucial you are choosing the right adult day care. My grandmother struggles with dementia, and so I want her to have an engaging experience. I really like what was said about creating an individual treatment plan as well.

    1. Jay,

      Thanks for your comment. I wish you the best as you care for your grandmother. I agree it is important for the adult day center to have great experience with dementia.

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