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Hiring a home care aide is no easy task. Not just anyone can do this type of work. Providing home care assistance requires very specific traits. That’s why, when people come to us for home care services, we explain to them what to look for in a home care aide.

When a parent or loved one needs in home care, finding an aide with certain positive attributes will make the experience of having home care services a happy one.

5 Characteristics to Look For In a Home Care Aide

We’ve come up with a list of five characteristics that every adult, child or spouse should look for when hiring a home care aide for their loved one.

1. Compassionate and Understanding

At the top of our list is compassion. It doesn’t matter how much experience a person has or how well educated they are. If they aren’t compassionate toward those in their care, the experience of having in home care is not going to be a good one.

Seniors with special needs – like those with Alzheimer’s or dementia – need extra special care and understanding. The confusion they experience is disconcerting to them. Adding onto that a dismissive or annoyed attitude of a caregiver can cause the patient to go into an emotional tailspin.

Make sure when choosing someone for home care services that they are caring, compassionate, and show some level of understanding when it comes to what seniors are dealing with.

One of the best ways to determine if an aide shows these traits is to talk to them about their experiences with those they care for or have cared for. Another is to see what type of reputation they have with their home care assistance team and within the community.

2. Clear Communicator

When talking to a potential home care worker, make sure they communicate clearly. Because they will be an integral part of your loved one’s care team, the aide needs to be able to accurately convey information to you.

3. Plenty of Experience

The more experience a person has, the more likely they’ll be able to serve and protect those in their care. They’ve been around the block, as it were, so they often know what to expect and how to deal with emergency situations.

Additionally, those with years of experience often come by experience because they’re good at what they do. If they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t stay in this field for very long. If they didn’t have a good reputation within the community they probably wouldn’t end up with years of experience either.

Of course, make sure their experience is coupled with compassion. In some cases, compassion can trump experience, but these two qualities combined will make for a truly superior home care aide.

4. They Exercise Patience

Dealing with one who has Alzheimer’s or dementia, or who is simply slowing down, takes a lot of patience.

For one thing, seniors often don’t have a lot of patience with themselves. They get frustrated very easily and wish they could remember or physically do the things they used to. An in home care aide who displays patience will help keep those in their care calm. And in many cases, they help seniors learn to be patient with themselves.

Another reason patience is required is because dealing with the health issues which arise as a person ages isn’t easy on anyone. Family members may become easily frustrated, mainly because of concern for their loved one. A patient home care aide can help diffuse tense situations and promote a peaceful atmosphere.

5. They Put Safety First

Safety should always come first! An in home care provider will be diligent about your loved one’s medications – giving them the correct medication at the right times. They’ll also ensure the home is tidy to avoid any accidents, especially falls.

Find the Best Home Care Aide

Hiring a  home care aide with the characteristics listed above helps ensure your loved one will be well provided for and deeply valued.

Are you looking for a caring, compassionate home care aide? If so, contact us right away. Our aides are experienced, compassionate, and determined to provide optimal care.

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