Getting to know your parents as an adult is a wonderful experience.

But it’s an experience which can be marred by advancing age.

There is nothing worse than suspecting your parent might be getting too frail to care for their everyday needs or that their mind isn’t as sharp as it once was.

When you start to notice certain signs, it’s time to think about what should be done to care for them.

Many people assume the best thing to do is relocate their parents to a care facility, where they can be monitored and cared for 24/7.

However, there are a couple of other options – namely, home care and adult day care.

Which option is best for your parents?

Before we answer this, let’s first consider whether your parent is displaying signs which suggest they need some assistance.

4 Signs It Might be Time for Home Care or Adult Day Care

If you start to notice your parents doing any of these things, it may very well be a sign they need more help than you can provide.

1. They’re More Forgetful

At the outset, forgetfulness might seem like just a minor annoyance. Over time, however, it can result in major problems.

Your parents’ bills might not be paid on time. They might forget to eat. They forget to take their medication or forget which they’ve already taken it and then take some more.

2. They Have a Hard Time Getting Around

As we get older, our bodies just don’t navigate around as well as they used to. With stiff muscles and sore joints, going up and down stairs can be really hard. And it can be dangerous, too, especially around slippery surfaces (like bathroom tiles) and stairs.

3. They’re Not Eating as Well

A change in eating habits is another sign help is needed. Dehydration is common amongst seniors, as is nutrient deficiencies.

Having someone come in to make meals will give your parents the opportunity to eat delicious, healthful meals, and stay healthy and hydrated. And it will ease your mind as well.

4. They’ve Changed

Your parents just don’t seem to be themselves anymore. They aren’t as lively, energetic, or talkative. They seem depressed or no longer interested in things they used to enjoy.

The culprits here could be dementia or Alzheimer’s. Or, it could be they feel lonely or depressed. In either case, it’s best they visit their doctor for a diagnosis.

Based on the doctor’s findings, it may be a good idea to take your parents to an adult day care center. The interaction with others often puts seniors in good spirits.

Why Home Care or Adult Day Care Might Be the Best Option

If you think your parent needs some form of senior care, don’t be too quick to make a decision. Talk to your other siblings, as well as your parents.

Everyone should have a voice in making a decision about what’s best for your parents.

Most seniors don’t want to move out of their home. They want to retain their independence for as long as possible, so the idea of relocating to a care facility is depressing and demoralizing.

And oftentimes, it’s something they’ll put up a fight about.

We’ve found that seniors who receive home care or go to an adult day care center end up flourishing.

They love the interaction they get and, ultimately, they love being able to stay in their own home.

And a home care aide can do much more than run errands and clean the house. Our aides can assist with medications, physical therapy exercises, and much more.

We’re amazed by the difference we see in seniors when they receive home care assistance or spend some time at an adult day care center. They’re happy and energized and simply, loving their life.

Find a Senior Care Company Who Will Treat Your Parents with Love and Compassion

The most important decision you will make when you determine your parents need assistance is what company to go with.

The goal is to encourage the health and wellness of your loved one, and the best way to do this is by treating them with love, respect, and compassion.

And this is exactly what you will get from Skylark Senior Care.

It is our desire to keep the seniors in our community healthy, strong, happy, and independent – which is why home care and adult day care are often the best choices for helping mom and dad as they get older.

Would you like more information about home care and senior day care services? Contact us today to find out more. We’re happy to answer all of your questions.  

At Skylark Senior Care, we approach caregiving a different way. We believe in creating programs that support the whole person.

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