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Alzheimer’s is a severe disease that usually requires senior home care services. People with Alzheimer’s can be difficult to care for and require constant supervision.

That does not mean they cannot enjoy the freedom to do what they want. Being trapped at home with a professional caregiver with nothing to do is not fun. Fortunately, there are options other than watching TV all day and night.

A senior home care service can provide a series of meaningful activities to help cope with the disease while you’re away. We outline seven interesting ideas here.

1. Talking about Favorite Memories

Slowly losing your memory can be a saddening prospect. It’s one of the principal causes of depression in those affected by Alzheimer’s.

A professional can help your loved one cherish their memories by talking about them. Their face will lighten up as they think about happier times.

Many seniors enjoy reminiscing about their past including their children and grandchildren.  Try talking about music likes from their teenage years.  Dementia often affects short-term memory first leaving memories from by-gone years still fresh.

2. Looking through Old Photo Albums

Pull out some old photo albums.  A home care expert can dust off several photo albums and peruse them with the elder in question. Visual stimuli are very efficient at bringing back memories.

Depending on how the disease currently affects them, the stories behind the pictures can pop back to life.  You might be surprised at what you learn about the family from long ago.

3. Create a Family Tree

While the photo albums are out why not create a family tree? Think of it as a mental exercise to remind the individual of their loving family.

Leave names with your caregiver to help the elder with figuring out who is who. Alzheimer’s patients usually respond well to familiar names.

4. Senior Home Care Isn’t Just about Sitting around – Take a Walk!

You wouldn’t believe how beneficial exercise is for the elderly. Being inactive can pose a lot of risks, besides being unhealthy.

Your parents need not sprint up a hill to be active. Get your caregiver to take them on a walk through the park or around the garden. They will feel much better, and the fresh air is great for the mind.

5. Plant a Flower

Despite their condition, the elderly still have maternal and paternal instincts. The caregiver can help them plant a flower for which they can care.

Remembering to water a flower is a useful mental exercise. Since it works more by emotional memory, it’s less likely to be forgotten.

6. Color Pictures

Who says senior home care has to involve senior activities? Do you remember your coloring books?  Break out an Adult Coloring Book Respect your loved one’s dignity with adult pictures, but you might enjoy meeting your loved one’s inner child.

Look for simple designs (they can get quite ornate).  Use color pencils rather than kids crayons.

7. Bake Cookies

Temp the olfactory senses with chocolate chip cookies (or other favorites). The smell of baked cookies always brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Use a mix or bake from scratch.  I love the Nestle’s chocolate chip cooking dough in the refrigerator aisle, but try doing it the old fashion way.  With a little guidance, your loved one will be successful in the kitchen again while taking up some extra time.

It can bring out memories of your loved one’s childhood. Or of the times they used to bake cookies for you and your children.

Try these 7 activities with your loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s easy for you or an in-home care professional to engage the Elder with great, successful activities.

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