Have you started to notice your parent slowing down a bit? Do they not seem as steady as they once were?

Seeing our parents go through this can be really difficult. But something adult children don’t always realize is just how hard this is on their parents – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

No one wants to lose their health or independence. When it starts to happen, the first reaction is often denial.

You may notice this in your parents. Maybe you offer to help them or to hire someone to help, and instead of taking you up on the offer they act like they’re offended.

What should you do if your parent refuses care?

Today, we’re going to discuss some tips to get your parents to accept assistance from senior care. Hopefully, these tips will make life easier for both you and your parents.

How to Assist a Parent Who Refuses Care – 4 Helpful Tips

If your mom or dad shows resistance anytime the conversation turns to providing them with care, try these four tips.

1. Assure Your Parent Their Independence Is Important to You

Ever since we were little, we desired independence. This feeling never goes away. We want to remain independent for our entire life.

How would you feel if the only reason someone came to your house was to check on your blood pressure and whether the food in your fridge was past its due date or not?

It would be incredibly irritating, make you feel like a child, and like the only reason someone visits is to check up on you – not to enjoy your company.

When you talk to your parents about providing them with care, reassure them their independence is important to you. Let them know, too, getting assistance from home care agencies is a great way to retain that independence.

2. Get Your Parents’ Input by Asking Deep Questions

For some reason, when we start noticing our parents need assistance, it’s easy to start making decisions for them – like the decision to hire a senior care aide.

We have to remember we’re not interacting with children. Our parents are adults, and they deserve to have a say in what happens in their life.

When you feel your parents might need some help, gently broach the subject with them. Ask them how they would feel about someone helping them with chores every once in a while. Or, ask how they would feel about going to senior day care to enjoy the company and conversation of others.

3. Slowly and Progressively Utilize Senior Helpers

Once your parents have agreed to some form of care, make sure the transition is easy on them.

From time to time, let them know you won’t be able to take them shopping, but the home care aide will be there to do this.

Slowly incorporate more care so your parents warm up to the idea.

4. Be Patient and Recognize This Is One of Life’s Big Transitions

Finally, be patient with yourself and your parents. This is not the easiest period in a person’s life – there will be some growing pains.

Patience should be exercised, though we thoroughly understand how difficult this can be. It’s important to remind yourself on a regular basis your family is in a transition period and, eventually, you’ll experience some normalcy again.

Senior Care Can Provide You with So Much Peace of Mind

Hiring home care workers is a good idea not just for your parents. It’s a good idea for you, too.

You have a lot on your plate. Trying to take care of your parents can add a lot of pressure and stress. It’s extremely easy to burn out, during which time it’s easier for you to lose your temper, get sick, or harm the relationship you have with your parents.

Thankfully, senior care aids can take a huge load off of your shoulders. The best home care agencies provide helpers which can help around the house, cook meals, run errands, and provide your parents with the much needed company.

Avoid Procrastination When It Comes to Your Parents’ Care

As our parents get older, seeing them slow down and deal with health issues can be heartbreaking. It can be difficult to accept the fact our parents are getting older and losing some of their vitality.

However, the sooner we have the conversation with our parents about hiring a home care aide or signing up for senior day care, the better.

When you share with them all of the benefits and how this type of care will keep them independent for as long as possible it’s very likely they’ll get on board with the idea.

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