Top 5 Advantages of Home Health Care Services

home health care services

Now that we’re in the middle of winter, chances are we are taking better care of our health.  But some other people – like our frail aging seniors – need to take additional measures to protect their health.

This is why home health care services are experiencing rising demand.

And with good reason. Health is not something we can trifle with, especially in the case of the elderly. We can all agree they deserve a dignified and least problematic aging process.

Ready to read how you can offer it to them?

1. Financial Benefits

With any assisted living option, you wish for a convenient quality-price balance.

In this case, the first step is to have a look at the approximate 2020 monthly costs of care, according to a Genworth study:

  • $4,124 – home care
  • $1,618 – adult day care
  • $7,989 – semi-private room in a nursing facility

As you can notice, adult day health care is the most financially convenient choice.

2. Full-On Care

If you have kids, you may remember how busy you got taking care of them that you forgot to attend to yourself. From small things, like skin care, to more important ones, like medical interventions, you may have become used to deferring your needs to other’s needs, unless it was quite urgent.

Our elderly loved ones and their caregivers may have similar experiences. Caring for self and meeting our many responsibilities turns into self neglect with negative outcomes on our health.

For our elderly loved ones, self neglect is amplified by health concerns such as memory loss, depression, self-isolating behavior, and other health challenges. Most frequent symptoms that occur are:

  • meal skipping
  • lack of interest for medicating themselves properly
  • lack of interest for personal hygiene
  • not providing necessities
  • not performing household duties and payments

A home care aid could really change the lives of these people by helping them regain dignity and see their self-worth.

home health care services

Home assistants are empathetic persons who really care for the well-being of those in their supervision. They can encourage the elders to pursue activities, hobbies or take part in social gatherings.

Home health care services provide valuable companionship which contributes significantly to improved self-esteem.

3. Ease of Access to Medical Care

Aged people need medical supervision, which in some cases can be vital. Home health care assistants are trained to provide nursing aid as well.

So, what you get is a combination of both worlds: a caretaker who possesses both social and medical skills.

home health care services

4. Dietary Support

How many times have you wondered whether your parents are having nutritious meals when you’re not around?

If you really think about it, cooking is more of a social activity. So, elders living alone might lose interest in it if they don’t have someone else to share food with.

With a professional caregiver, you can rest assured your loved ones meet their proper nutritional needs. Good caregivers can help with cooking and meal preparation when needed and observe and report about changing eating habits.

5. Home Health Care Services Facilitate Medication Management

As is the case with your concerns regarding nutrition, medication management also the frail elderly.

Medication schedules can sometimes be so tight that even healthy individuals are challenged to comply with them.

A good home care service can help manage medications especially with reminders and verifying that the individual is taking their medications. This can certainly provide peace of mind for family members caring for their loved ones.

Home care services have an extra benefit. They’re performed in the senior’s home and community. It’s where they want to stay and live.

Do you have questions or need help,  contact us at Skylark Senior Care for full insight into the specifics of our home health care services. 

29 thoughts on “Top 5 Advantages of Home Health Care Services”

  1. On the site you stated that home health care is great because it provides your loved one with a social friend and someone who can help ensure that they are being medically taken care of. My mother-in-law has some health issues, and we were wondering if home health care would be the best option for her. Having a relationship with the person who takes care of her health would make it a lot more comfortable for her, so I think this could be a great option for her.

    1. Thanks for your comments. We think building a personal relationships with others makes a huge difference for seniors who need some help at home. Best of luck in caring for your mother-in-law.

  2. I want to make sure that my parents are comfortable. It makes sense that they could benefit from home health care! It would be convenient for them to be able to get the help they need whenever they need it. I’ll talk to them to see what they think!

  3. Nurses must be knowledgeable in risk factors for pressure ulcer development and relevant preventive measures; they must assess every patient using a valid and reliable instrument, such as the Braden Scale, on admission to home health care and regularly thereafter.

  4. Thank you for all this great information about elderly care! I really like your point about how professionals can make sure that my grandma will have the proper nutritional needs. My grandma is needing some extra help and I want to choose the right service for her, so thanks for the advice.

  5. I like that you talked about how seniors might actually stop eating if they don’t have anyone to eat with. My mother lives alone and she doesn’t eat much unless my family comes over to visit. Having a caregiver present in her house with her might make her more likely to eat.

  6. I like that you talked about how a home health care service is able to help seniors eat healthier meals, because they can forget to. I have been looking for living options now that my dad is getting older. I can see how it would be good to have someone helping him eat healthy, because last time I was over all he ate was hamburgers.

  7. In home care sounds like such a good idea. I love the fact that the caregiver can be skilled in social and medical fields. My mom needs someone to care for her more than we’re able, so this is a good alternative.

  8. Thanks for saying that in-home care can provide dietary support. My mom has never had a strong digestive system, and now she is starting to have a lot of trouble in her older age. I think that getting in-home care to help her with her dietary condition would be a huge benefit for her.

  9. After my father passed away, my aging mother moved in with me. Her health is declining fast and she’s exhibiting some of the self neglecting behaviors listed in the article like meal skipping and skipping medication. I don’t have time to take care of her all the time so I appreciate this article listing the benefits of in-home health care, like being the most financially smart choice.

  10. Thanks for pointing out the benefits of using a home health care service; there were a lot of great points. I agree that one of the biggest benefits is that you get care from professionals who know what they are doing but in the comfort of your home. We think my grandpa is in need of some extra care but he is unwilling to leave his home. I will be sure to share this with the family.

  11. I think when your loved ones get older it is easier and easier to forget medications. This can only hurt their health and increase risks. I like that you talked about how good medical services will ensure they get their meds taken on time.

  12. Thanks for explaining the benefits to home health care. It’s good to know that the assistants can help them regain dignity and their self-worth even when helping them. It sounds helpful to those who need help but don’t want to risk their pride.

  13. I really like what you said about how aged people need medical supervision, which can be vital. My grandfather is getting on in years and the family is doing what we can to get him taken care of properly. Thank you for the information about how we could potentially hire a home health care assistant is trained to provide nursing aid as well as social skills.

  14. It makes sense that you would want to look into getting a service that will help with medication management. Finding someone that will be able to give out reminders is nice. I know that my sister would love knowing this as she helps a loved one find senior care services.

  15. I like how you said that home health care assistants are trained to provide nursing aid to aged people. My father just turned 70 years old and lately, he has been unable to remember to take his medications or change his clothes. It sounds like it would be a good idea for him to utilize the services of a home health care service to help him remember his essential needs.

  16. It would be nice to have a home care aid for my grandma. Maybe I should talk to her about getting some in-home care services to help her out. That is something I would want to have to make sure she takes her medications and is safe.

  17. I like how you stated that home health care is a better option financially. My mother has gotten too old to take care of herself, and I’ve been considering getting her home health care. I will definitely keep all of your many benefits and information on home health care in mind when deciding if it would be best for my mom.

  18. Thanks for mentioning that a caregiver can ensure my father is eating nutritious meals and can observe/report any changes in eating habits. My mother passed away a couple of months ago, and my father has been struggling with taking care of himself physically and emotionally. My brother and I both live too far away to check in on him regularly, so we’ll have to start looking for a great home health care service in our father’s area to ensure he gets the care he needs.

  19. I like how you mentioned that you can get dietary support. My grandma was wondering about getting home health care. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so she can know more about the advantages of home health care.

  20. Thank you for stating that a good home care service can help manage medications. My mother is getting too old to take care of herself, so I’ve been considering getting home health care for her. After learning about all of the benefits of home health care, I will definitely consider it for my mom.

  21. We think my grandpa requires some extra care but he is unwilling to leave his home. I like how you said that home health care assistants are trained to offer nursing aid to elders. I will be sure to share this with the family so we can find him a care center.

  22. Thank you for stating that home health care services can help manage medications for your loved one. My mother was recently diagnosed with a really rare form of cancer and can no longer take care of herself on her own, so we’ve been thinking about getting her home health care so she doesn’t have to leave the home that she loves. After learning more about home health care and it’s benefits, I will definitely further consider it for my mother.

  23. I liked that you mentioned a good home care service will help your senior to manage his or her medications properly. My husband is thinking about how to help his grandmother now that her husband died, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of home care services to help his grandmother.

  24. My mom’s aunt, who is like a grandma to me, recently lost her husband of fifty years and she has been struggling ever since. She has a lot of health problems and has a hard time hearing, so she forgets to take her medicine and we think she needs to have assisted living services. I liked that you said that medication schedules can be really tights, but a care service can manage these schedules with reminders of elderly people.

  25. I like what you said about using home health care to help prevent meal skipping. My sister wants to make sure that our mom eats properly int eh coming weeks. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for healthcare services that can help her with this.

  26. It’s great that you mentioned that home health care services provide companionship and professional full-on care for the elderly. My uncle is thinking about how to improve my grandmother’s lifestyle. Since she sometimes needs additional care, that we can’t give her. I think having a caregiver taking care of her professionally could be a good option for us. I will let him know about the advantages of home health care services for the elderly.

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